As someone who loves what internet gave us, i can’t just enjoy the technologies being developed by awesome people everyday and not contribute, I want to be one of those awesome people out there.

As about a year ago i started planning for a platform which aims to make life easier for everyone who uses and likes the hole internet. I can’t explain it quite yet at least not in detail because it’s being developed but i’ll try to point the main goals and avoid the details:

Day by day internet grows and we use it more. Basically a huge amount of our stuffs are online right up on the clouds and it’s awesome, it’s awesome what we can to with it and how it makes our lives easier and even more fun. So why not use it more? And use it BETTER!.

This is the main idea, doing more, doing more than we ever could and have fun more than we ever imagined we’ll be able to. The platform will help you to manage your online life way more easier and yet gives you more things to enjoy. I like to put it this way: “Enjoy everything you possibly can but all in a same place as a platform working as a unit to deliver you all the features you might need.”

The dream is a unique platform working with all the gadgets out there delivering cloud services more than before and more importantly, in a better way. Services that not just let you do more than ever, but they will help you connect to people you care about in a more convincing ways.