Navid Zarepak

Navid Zarepak

Name:Navid Zarepak
Date of birth:1996/April/19
Address:Iran, Guilan, Ziabar
Hey there, I'm Navid or you might know me by the first name "Reza", well they both are my names but my close friends and families call me Navid and others call me "Reza" also i use this one for legal activities because, well its my legal name, we can say no one exist by the name "Navid Zarepak". At least it's not me. Okay it's getting confusing ... . You can just call me Navid just because you are here in my personal blog. :)


2017 - present

1. Uprino


As someone who loves what internet gave us, i can’t just enjoy the technologies being developed by awesome people everyday and not contribute, I want to be one of those awesome people out there.

As about a year ago i started planning for a platform which aims to make life easier for everyone who uses and likes the hole internet. I can’t explain it quite yet at least not in detail because it’s being developed but i’ll try to point the main goals and avoid the details:

Day by day internet grows and we use it more. Basically a huge amount of our stuffs are online right up on the clouds and it’s awesome, it’s awesome what we can to with it and how it makes our lives easier and even more fun. So why not use it more? And use it BETTER!.

This is the main idea, doing more, doing more than we ever could and have fun more than we ever imagined we’ll be able to. The platform will help you to manage your online life way more easier and yet gives you more things to enjoy. I like to put it this way: “Enjoy everything you possibly can but all in a same place as a platform working as a unit to deliver you all the features you might need.”

The dream is a unique platform working with all the gadgets out there delivering cloud services more than before and more importantly, in a better way. Services that not just let you do more than ever, but they will help you connect to people you care about in a more convincing ways.

2015 - 2016

2. NovaDL


After a bad experience on Top2download and with a help of one my friends i got to lunch NovaDL. I had many experiences to bring in and i did. In a short time NovaDL became a top website in Video Games category and we managed to serve more than 40TB of data every month.

Few bad things happened in my personal life and it was hard for me to go on and also i wasn’t satisfied with how the site operated. We sold the website and after a while the new owner asked me to join them as a stockholder and the administrator which i accepted. So i got to control the site and also an online shop which was a new experience.

I realized that this is not the way to become something different and i decided to come up with a new plan and make a new platform. It was all started here where i decided to become someone way better and make something different.

2016 - 2016

3. YasIT

One of my friends asked me to help him with my experiences on a different website. YasIT is a leading company in Hosting & Licensing in Iran and i helped them as a SEO Expert and also on their selling department.

Thanks to this friend i learnt many new things in a field i never worked in.

2016 - 2016

4. VastAmple


I developed this website because i believe the old ways of how content-based websites works is not the right way.

I codded this website with PHP & Laravel from 0 to 100. But it was a test to figure few things up for my final plan.

I used a special method here and with the help off this method i managed to host more than 5TB of files with a price less than 20$/month.

2014 - 2015

5. Top2download


After Ariyadownload which i had to left for personal reasons i got an offer from Top2download for the writing position again.

At this time i was really experienced and i had many offers. But they gave me a good offer and promised me that they help me grow. I worked on software, multimedia, mobile and game category here and i got to manage the website for a while but they never used my full potential. Also they never kept their promises and i had to left them. It was one the worst experiences i have ever had.

When i left them they were a top 300 website in Iran.

2013 - 2014



After working at download websites i tried something different and it was managing game servers. So me and a friend of mine decided to lunch 2 websites to sell and config Counter Strike & Counter Strike Global Offensive game servers.

It was a good experience and i learnt how to config and manage game servers and block DDoS attacks.

2014 - 2014



Well here is were i started to shine.

I worked at ariyadownload after novindownload for a short time to gain some experience. After working at other websites i got an offer from them to join the main team as a stockholder and also manage the hole website.

I was the administrator of the ariyadownload. It was a good feeling to control something and plan the future for it. It was hard and stressful sometimes but this is what improving needs. Ariyadownload was a top 300 website in Iran at the time and one of the best websites in download category for sure.

2012 - 2013



After Mihandownload i moved here for the same position as a writer to complete their content archive. This time i worked in mobile category.

It was a top 200 site at the time i worked there.

2013 - 2013



After and being a writer i got a good offer from Faradownload as a administrator and a writer. I managed the website content and other writers and helped the site get back to its old rank which was a top 300 website in Iran.

2012 - 2012



It was the first website i lunched and it was about downloading different content like softwares, game and … .

2012 - 2012



I was a writer here. I translated posts in software category for them. It was my first job which i got paid for.

Mihandownload was a top 30 time at the time i worked there.